The concept for the Dick Tiger Foundation was conceived during a maiden visit to a local school, the Dick Tiger Memorial Secondary School, which was single-handedly built by the late Dick Tiger. It was in the month (August) that Dick Tiger would have celebrated his 80th birthday. That visit left an indelible mark on us; we had to do something to alleviate the suffering in the now government-run school. We were inspired to encourage, and empower, through deeds – just like the founder. We had to make a difference in those students lives; in the community, for Dick Tiger Ihetu, for humanity… and thus was born the Dick Tiger Foundation.

The Dick Tiger Foundation (DTF) is instituted to uphold Dick Tiger’s legacy of service, and self-improvement. We could not continue to sit back and allow his great gains to be eroded. He nurtured and propagated the ‘can-do’ spirit; gave hope when it seemed that all was lost. We could not just sit back and cry, “Oh, How are the Mighty Fallen!”

Our children and great grand children are the beneficiaries of such models as exemplified in the life and ways of Dick Tiger. Generations of children should know; by example, that if they reach deep inside of themselves, they can as well, pull out the champion within.

At the DTF our goal is to build on the legacy of Dick Tiger. Our challenge is to encourage educational, social and economic initiatives to the disadvantaged and underserved individuals in localities across Africa’s most populous country.

In honor of Dick Tiger’s profession as a boxer and athlete, we intend to use sports as a mechanism to reach young people, to help them establish targeted goals, and build their capacity to achieve.

In our nascent existence, as a not-for-profit organization, we have emphasized renovation of school infrastructures in rural communities, and awarded tuition scholarships to twenty deserving students in the impoverished regions. At the Dick Tiger Foundation we believe that a good education is the most direct path towards empowerment; a way out of poverty. Mrs. Orokunle, the principal of Ikeja Snr. High School, during the DTF Scholarship Awards ceremony at her school addressed the audience saying, “I believe that this award will motivate our students to achieve greatness in whatever they are doing.” One after the other, the proud recipients of the DTF Awards mirrored Mrs. Orokunle’s views. 

One of the recipients, Ms. Mary Etim, who received the award for exceptional display of civic responsibility thanked the Foundation for the gesture, adding that the recognition has confirmed her hopes for furthering her education, and continuing to do the right thing, always, even when it is not the most popular view. She continued, “The DTF has given me every reason to focus more on my studies, and my goals of becoming an accountant. I now believe my dream cannot die.” She concluded.

Another beneficiary, Ms. Opeyemi Isa, received the award for excellence in academics. She said that the DTF award has instilled self- confidence in her. “I am encouraged to advance my education, to be able, just like Dick Tiger, to make a difference in my family and community.” Mr. Chibuzor Ewulonu, one of the recipients of the DTF awards for excelling in sports, maintained same views as his fellow awardees, “The Dick Tiger Foundation,” he revealed, “has given me new ammunition to pursue my goals in life. My family and I are very grateful to the DTF, and I pray that one day, I will also be in a position to help others.”

We are elated by these and other views from different beneficiaries of the DTF initiatives. We aim for individual and community upliftment, empowerment, and promotion of Dick Tiger’s belief in education - of the mind, body and soul.

Would you please join us in the cause for educational, social and economic empowerment. DONATE NOW! With your donations you partner with the Dick Tiger Foundation in transforming lives across impoverished communities, in Africa’s most populous nation.

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